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Caring For Your Sacroiliac Joints with Monica Gauci

Caring For Your Sacroiliac Joints with Monica Gauci

Course Details

Online Course
Saturday 10th July 2021
10am UK, 11am Paris, 7pm Sydney, 2 hours

 Course Overview

10th July, 10am UK, 11am Paris, 7pm Sydney
2 hours
Live online via Zoom

Sacroiliac joint pain and instability is perhaps the most common ailment among yogis. In this workshop we explore how and why this is and especially how to avoid sacroiliac joint trauma and how to heal it.
In this workshop Monica goes beyond the basic structure and function of our sacroiliac (SI) joints to a deeper exploration of the ligaments and muscles that provide the important passive and active stabilisation of this joint.
We examine the types of SI joint dysfunction and what compromises SI joint integrity. You will learn how to practically assess SI joint problems and differentiate them from other sources of low-back and pelvic pain. We’ll explore and practice important adaptations to seemingly benign yoga postures and hands on adjustments to protect and preserve SI joint stability as well as practical tips on how to avoid injury both on and off the mat.

Technology Notes
  • This workshop will be held via Zoom


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Monica is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!



Gregor and Monica are genuinely amazing people, I felt engaged and energised from the first minute to the last minute of this incredible experience. Even though they have a lot more Yoga experience than me I felt they treated me as an equal and taught from a place of love and authenticity throughout.

– Lincoln. Perth, Australia


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