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Online Workshop – Chakras, Drugs & Evolution

Online Course
17th July 2021

Online Workshop – Chakras, Drugs & Evolution

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Online Course

In Collaboration with Iriness Yoga, Horsham/ West Sussex/ United Kingdom

Where & when

  • 17th of July 2021, Saturday morning,
  • 8am – 12pm UK time
  • 9am –  1pm continental-Europe
  • 5 – 9pm Tokyo
  • 7 – 11pm Sydney
    night time in the Americas but content will be afterwards available on-demand
  • Live on Zoom and later available On-Demand


In this workshop we explore whether psychoactive substances can be useful supplements, shortcuts or accelerators of spiritual evolution. Beyond a simplistic answer of yes/no and good/bad, Gregor will draw on his extensive research, as well as his personal experimentation with mind-altering plant agents and substances during the late 70’s and early 80’s. His aim is to objectively describe how drugs influence each respective chakra, including their potential usefulness versus spiritual setbacks and dangers.

You will learn about the chakras as evolutionary brain circuitry and how the natural evolution of life, via single-cell organisms, reptiles, mammals and humans, came about through chakra activation. Gregor will also teach meditation techniques designed to activate the various chakras. With long-term spiritual practice we can not only safely and effectively arrive at the same states accessible through psychedelics, but they can also be used to integrate both negative and positive drug experiences.

The workshop will culminate in a complete map of transformative and mystical states, including their potential accessibility through psychedelics versus traditional yogic methods.

Have you ever wondered how the feeling of pure love for another is connected to divine love? Have you ever asked yourself how the experience of pure consciousness is connected to that of an indigenous shaman? Have you ever been confused by the fact that the spiritual experiences of a Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna or a Moses led to such different traditions? Do you wonder why the spirituality of these religious leaders seems so different from the Earth-based spirituality of indigenous people? In this workshop you will also learn how natural and spiritual evolution are interlinked and how experiences of divine revelation, cosmic consciousness and shamanistic trances are connected.


  • To help those who had drug experiences integrate and understand them.
  • To give those who have family members or friends affected by drugs, a toolbox to understand what it happening with their loved ones.
  • To show those who are considering experimenting with drugs that there is a way just as effective and safer.
  • To give a map of mystical states that comprehensively explains all the various states that have been accessed down the ages, and why different cultures have developed so differently. To understand why it is worthwhile to not just access one of those states, but all of them.
  • To demonstrate how the natural evolution of life develops out of its spiritual evolution.



July 17, 2021
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Gregor Maehle


Online Event
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Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!



Gregor and Monica are genuinely amazing people, I felt engaged and energised from the first minute to the last minute of this incredible experience. Even though they have a lot more Yoga experience than me I felt they treated me as an equal and taught from a place of love and authenticity throughout.

– Lincoln. Perth, Australia


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