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Perth Workshop with Gregor Maehle

Yoga Hub Perth
30th November – 6th December 2020

Perth workshop with Gregor Maehle

Course Details

30th November – 6th December 2020

Yoga Hub Perth
75 Coogee St
Mt. Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia

Course Overview

Mysore Mornings: Asana Practice
Monday 30th November – Friday 4th December
5:45AM – 7:30AM
Gregor steps in and assumes lead teaching role in the early Morning Mysore class. There are limited places available, we recommend booking early to secure your place.
Location: Yogahub
Cost: $220

The Teacher’s Teacher: Invitational Talk
Friday 4th December
5:30PM – 8:00PM
Exclusive talk for graduates of Yogahub Teacher Training and Mentoring Programs, and Yogahub Teachers. Attendance to this talk for the General Public is included in the All Talks option.
In this special talk Gregor will answer a selection of questions submitted prior to the event. A foundational knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy is assumed of attendees to allow Gregor the opportunity to communicate more complex and sophisticated answers to questions. Do you have a perplexing yoga question? Go ahead and ask your most perplexing and difficult question.
Submit your questions here.
Location: Yogahub

Ashtanga Talk-Through (guided asana class)
Saturday 5th December
10:30AM – 12:00Noon
Here Gregor will analyse the many intricate anatomical details of the majority of the postures of the Primary Series, while maintaining as much pace as possible. The focus will be on breaking down the various phases of entering and exiting the postures into their constituents. Performing postures safely while understanding which anatomical actions will get us deep into the asanas will prevent unnecessary energy expenditure. Through inducing precision this format also achieves that conditioning and emotions lodged in bodily tissue are released, preparing us for the higher limbs of pranayama and meditation. Whenever necessary Gregor will slow down the classes to workshop individual postures in great detail.
Location: Yogahub
Cost $40

Obstacles to Samadhi: Public Talk
Saturday 5th December
1:30PM – 4:00PM
Samadhi is the peak transformational experience to which the human brain and nervous system is capable. Gregor will provide a map of the various samadhis, describe what prevents their arising such as conditioning, subconsciousness imprint and karma. He will also explain how such arising can be aided through a plethora of yogic techniques and which role the individual techniques play. Gregor will also explain the psychological basis of samadhi such as suspension of mind and ego and what that exactly means and show the limitations of language in accurately describing what happens at the time of samadhi.
Location: Yogahub
Cost: $50

Life As Divine Love: Public Talk
Sunday 6th December
12:30PM – 3:00PM
In this event Gregor will table material from his latest book How to Find Your Divine Purpose. You will learn the yogic art of cultivating thought patterns in alignment with the Divine, including a discussion what the Divine is and what it is not. Gregor will quote from the Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and the Bible to show that this work is based on a variety of sacred texts. The psychological aspects of placing yourself in the service of a power greater than you will be shown and how this relates to performing ones svadharma one’s own-duty. Finally we learn how this relates to inner freedom, living one’s life in the zone with absence of internal dialogue. All of this prepares us for our ultimate purpose that is to make a contribution to the life of others.
Location: Yogahub
Cost: $50

A Life in Yoga: Public Talk
Sunday 6th December
4:30PM – 7:00PM
In this talk Gregor will explain the concept of ashrama, i.e. the four stages of life. By understanding this ancient Vedic teaching we can trust that the yogic process will play out over the entire span of our lives. Gregor will show how different yogic methods and limbs play different roles in different periods and stages of our lives and that we need to adapt and change our practices as we grow and mature.
Location: Fremantle
Cost: $50

All talks including The Teacher’s Teacher: Invitational Talk
Cost: $165

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November 30, 2020
December 6, 2020
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Gregor Maehle


Yoga Hub Perth
75 Coogee St
Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia Australia
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0435 096 074


Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!




Gregor and Monica are an excellent combination of deep knowledge of yoga, both the physical aspect of asana and anatomy and especially the philosophy and history. The experience was very rewarding for me! I would come back to them for more! Very authentic and loving teachers, they are the true embodiment of what they teach! 

– Rosa. Miami, USA


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