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Tokyo Workshops with Gregor Maehle

19th – 22nd March, 2020
Hosted by Tokyo Yoga, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Workshops with Gregor Maehle

Course Details

19th – 22nd March 2020
Tokyo Yoga
Shibuya, Tokyo

Course Overview

Morning Mysore Style
Thursday to Sunday 6:30 – 8:30 AM

4- day Meditation Workshop
Thursday to Sunday 13:00 – 17:00 PM
Location to be announced


The Hatha Yoga or Physical Dimension of Meditation

  1. Success in meditation is powered by Kundalini.
    Meditation is powered by Kundalini
    What is Kundalini?
    Why does Patanjali not mention Kundalini?
  2. Apana driven up is the 1st engine of Kundalini.
    What is apana?
    Peristalsis, fasting and Basti
  3. Converting metabolic fire (pitta) into fire of intelligence (agni) is the 2nd engine of kundalini.
    The ignition of intelligence.
  4. The Oceanic breath powers the Oceanic experience in wave-like motion.
    The linking of breath and mind
  5. Prana rises only if there is a balance of lunar and solar forces.
    Are there any dangers to meditation?
    Nostril balance
  6. Pratyahara is attained once lunar prana (amrita) is arrested in the cranium.
    Amrita siddhi and the senses
    The Raja Yoga or Mental Dimension of Meditation
  7. The mind automatically attaches itself to the next object arising.
    Do not start by meditating on awareness
  8. The type of meditation object chosen determines the mindset created
    Inner and outer objects
    Tamasic, rajasic and sattvic objects
    Why is the central energy channel (sushumna) important? Location and colour of Sushumna
  9. Directing prana and vrtti simultaneously is the 3rd engine of Kundalini.
    How to structure meditation.
    Why not meditate on one chakra only?
  10. The lotuses (padmas) are always facing Kundalini.
    Yajnavalkyas pratyahara and the 16 adharas.
    Origin of the bija mantras
  11. Pratyahara is the simultaneous binding of the audio, visual, kinaesthetic/tactile, olfactory and gustatory senses and components of mind to their respective places.
    Raja Yoga’s approach to Pratyahara
  12. Mastery of pratyahara powers dharana, the simultaneous awareness of the various constituents of meditation.
    Deepening ones Raja Yoga or moving on to Bhakti Yoga
    How much to practice qualified according to ashrama, varna, yuga and svadharma
    The Bhakti Yoga or the Spiritual Dimension of Meditation
  13. The Chakras constitute stages of brain development towards life as Divine Love.
    See only the Brahman in any Divine image.

  14. Internal kumbhakas make visible the Divine in Sahasrara.

  15. External kumbhakas ignite Kundalini below Muladhara.

  16. Apana gati, activating the inner upward-force within apana through the double-up wave, is the 4th engine of Kundalini.
    Law of negating forces, double up wave is fourth engine of Kundalini
  17. The meditation experience can be integrated into life only then when it is ‘understood’.
    Importance to integrate and “understand” the meditation experience, understand that the world is an expression of divine love, creativity and intelligence
  18. When Shakti comes to rest in Muladhara, consciousness becomes invisible and the world becomes visible. When Shakti (Kundalini) unites with Shiva in Sahasrara, consciousness becomes visible and the world disappears from vision.
    The Nagaraj, a metaphor for the unified field
    Mountain-top metaphor
    Stance of the Bhakta towards the Sahasrara experience
    Patanjali and the formless Absolute
    Svadharma first and only then think of merging into Sahasrara

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Tokyo Yoga
Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: +81 3-6379-1210


March 19, 2020
March 22, 2020
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Gregor Maehle


Tokyo Yoga
Shibuya, Tokyo, Minato City Japan
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+81 3-6379-1210


Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!




Gregor and Monica are an excellent combination of deep knowledge of yoga, both the physical aspect of asana and anatomy and especially the philosophy and history. The experience was very rewarding for me! I would come back to them for more! Very authentic and loving teachers, they are the true embodiment of what they teach! 

– Rosa. Miami, USA


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