Helpful information for our LIVE and ON-DEMAND Events using Vimeo.


Event Information


Bookings for LIVE events are open during the course of the events dates.
Students can buy a ticket via Online Events.*
Students may watch recorded videos they may have missed, by logging in to the URL and using the password supplied. A few minutes after the event has finished, it is stored in the Vimeo URL available for playback.

Events are available once the event has finished.
Students have to buy via On-Demand.*

*The videos are available indefinitely. Please ignore any signs such as “this video has not started yet” or any signs indicating that the videos are locked. After logging in with URL and password, please go over to the right and scroll down to select the 1.1 video, i.e. the first episode. Double click on it and it will populate the main screen. Then hit play.

Upon Purchase:
You will receive a purchase receipt and shortly after an email titled “Important information for the event…”. This email will include all information regarding access to the live event. For example, the URL Link to access and a password; and any documents they might be supplied will be listed in the vents details. All video footage copyright by 8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga Pty Ltd.

Helpful Information

After each LIVE session is completed it will be saved and after a few minutes can then be re-watched as often as you like. The session videos have no expiry date. You can access the recordings via the same link you use for the LIVE stream. In Vimeo on the right beneath the main screen you see a list of thumbnails. This is the list of the recorded session with the first one at the top.

In order to use the Chat and Q&A function you may need to start a free Vimeo account. Requires only an email address and a password. 

Students who purchase halfway through the live event can still go back and watch past streams, i.e. even if you miss the beginning of the live event you can still tune into the remaining live classes and also go back and watch the recorded streams.

 Students who have done on of our respective teacher trainings can register for pertaining courses at a 50% discount. Please email us for a discount code [email protected]

Viewing LIVE Streaming

If you follow the LIVE version please log on 5-10 minutes early.

Please set your playback resolution to 540 or lower during the live session unless you have a very strong internet connection. Do not keep it on the “auto” playback, which can be inconsistent. To change the resolution, hover over the player bar, click on the settings cog, and select 540 or 240. If in doubt whether your connection is fast enough initially select 240. Please select this before the live stream starts as doing it during the stream may freeze your screen.

If the video does not start, try refreshing your browser or restarting your device. The preferred browser for Vimeo is Google Chrome.

Please check your audio output before class starts. This can be done via the sound settings in your system preferences.

Watching Videos

This section gives you an overview of the video watching experience on Vimeo. You’ll find in the “Playback” section everything you need to troubleshoot errors you might experience with video or audio. You’ll also find all the different ways to watch videos, including mobile, HDR, 360, and 4k and above. The “Mobile and TV Apps” section will go into detail about all the non-web-based ways to watch videos, including the mobile and TV apps. And the “Browsing” section covers the Vimeo browsing experience.

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