Bali Immersion – Level 1 – 200hrs- 2024

Honeymoon Guesthouse Jalan Bisma, Ubud Bali, Indonesia

A 200 hour / 20-day Yoga Teacher Training Immersion with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci...

$600.00 – $4,614.00

Pranayama 1, Yoga Sutra & Asana with Gregor Maehle

@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IjxoMT4iLCJhZnRlciI6IjwvaDE+In19@PRANAYAMA 1, YOGA SUTRA & ASANA WITH GREGOR MAEHLEIN GREECE,4 - 10 June 2024Course Details 4th -10th June 2024booking close 2nd May unless booked out beforehandLimeni Village Hotel, Areopoli, Greece […]

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Anatomy, Adjusting & Asana with Monica Gauci in Greece

Limeni Village Hotel, Λακωνία Λιμένι Αρεόπολης, Λακωνία, Greece

Studying the qualities of joints, connective tissues and muscles give you a holistic understanding of the effects of asana on the body.

Get Tickets $630.00 – $1,425.00