On-Demand Mantra Chanting With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

Online Course
On-demand, you will receive long-term access.

Mantra Chanting with Monica
Open to all levels

Completion of ‘Sacred Sounds Theory’ will enhance your experience of this workshop.

Total Hours
5 hours, 15 minutes
5 Lesson Course

Course Overview

All mantras are praise or prayers. They teach us to connect with the Divine within us.

Explore the vibrational power of Sanskrit in uplifting our consciousness and healing our mind, heart and spirit.

Together we will learn the ‘Chant to Patañjali’ that the Ashtanga Yoga Mantra is taken from, a Vedic healing mantra, a Tantic dhārana, a Peace mantra and a japa to bless food and a mantra to salute the moon.

We will learn a new chant each day and revise those we have learnt on previous days.

This week of chanting together seeks to deepen your understanding of the mantras, to refine your pronunciation and to practice chanting with the support of others. Students will be invited to chant aloud if they wish to have the opportunity for personal feedback.

Copies of the mantras with diacritical markings for pronunciation and notations will be provided.

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Thank you very much Monica for this amazing course.
Manuela, Switzerland.

I want to express my gratitude for offering this course! I have enjoyed the content very much; from the chanting, explanation of the techniques and practice and all the information you are sharing. Thank you!
Reinghard, USA

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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