On-Demand MUDRAS, Seals of Yoga – With Gregor Maehle

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Course Overview

In this online course, the complex subject of yogic mudras is comprehensively analysed and described. Mudras do not constitute one of the eight limbs of yoga. Rather, specific mudras support and accelerate success in yogic limbs such as asana, pranayama, pratyahara, meditation and samadhi. Pranayama and pratyahara are largely inaccessible without mudras and here mudras are ancillary and integrated into the practice of these yogic limbs. On the other hand, mudras pertaining to asana, meditation and samadhi are stand-alone practices, that can lead to break-throughs in these disciplines. Prominence is given to the Kundalini-raising mudras, without which success in meditation is often drawn out. Gregor additionally elucidates the phenomenon of Kundalini and the pranic blockages (granthis) that impinge on its rising. He also illustrates ethical considerations, prerequisites, and effects of Kundalini-rising, and how to prevent Kundalini accidents. This course describes the 23 most common mudras.

Course Curriculum

Asana Mudras

Tadaga Mudra (Tank Seal)

Viparita Karani Mudra (Inverted-Action Seal)

Vajroni Mudra (Thunderbolt Seal)

Yoga Mudra (Seal of Yoga)

Nabho Mudra (Sky Seal)

Matsyendra Mudra (Matsyendra’s Seal)

Bhujangi Mudra (Cobra Seal)

Manduka Mudra (Frog Seal)

Matanga Mudra (Elephant Seal)


Pranayama Mudras

Mula Bandha (Root Lock)

Uddiyana Bandha (Flying-Up Lock)

Jalandhara Bandha (Stretching The Brain-Lock)

Shanka Mudra (Conch Seal)

Kaki Mudra (Crow Seal)


Pratyahara Mudras

Jihva Bandha (Tongue lock)

Shambhavi Mudra (Parvati’s Seal)

Jnana Mudra (Knowledge Seal)

Akasha Mudra (Space Seal)

Agochari Mudra (Imperceptible Seal)

Dhyana Mudra (Meditation Seal)


Dharana Mudras

Maha Mudra (Great Seal)

Maha Bandha Mudra (Great Lock Seal)

Maha Vedha Mudra (Great Piercing Seal)

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June 18, 2024
7:36 pm


Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!



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