On-Demand Nauli online course – with Gregor Maehle

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Course Details

Online Course

Total Hours
4.5 Hours
~6 Lesson Course

Course Overview

This Nauli course consists of 6 lessons with each lesson approximately 45 minutes long.

– Empty stomach
– Not pregnant
– From puberty onwards, minimum age 12- 14 years

Hyperacidity, postpartum (wait for a minimum of six weeks after giving birth), reflux-esophagitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, gastritis, ulcers, hernia or glaucoma, liver cirrhosis or carcinoma, pancreas inflammation or carcinoma, appendicitis, colitis, deep-vein-thrombosis.

Course Syllabus

Nauli is the churning of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal recti are isolated and then a wavelike motion is initiated. A vacuum is created in the intestines and abdomen, which helps to massage the abdominal organs, makes the heart, lungs and abdominal organs strong, returns them to health and expels any accumulated toxins.

According to the yogic shastras (scriptures) it increases agni, boosts the immune system, turns the chakras upwards, purifies the Manipura chakra, helps convert pitta into agni, assists in raising Kundalini and confers mastery of external breath retention and Bahya Uddiyana.

Lesson 1
  • Prerequisites, contraindications and benefits discussed
  • Introduce external kumbhaka with Bahya Uddiyana
  • Emphasis on keeping abdominal wall completely relaxed
  • Agnisara Kriya – Nauli Stage 1slow
Lesson 2

Agnisara Kriya – Nauli Stage 1 fast
Always to be performed unless extreme Pitta aggravation

Lesson 3

Isolating rectus abdominis from deeper abdominal muscles during external kumbhaka, Nauli Stage 2

Lesson 4

Nauli Stage 3 – isolating left from right side of rectus abdominis

Lesson 5

Nauli stage 4 – churning, first one round only, once each position is clearly visible do two rounds or three per kumbhaka

Lesson 6

Nauli stage 4 – increasing number of revolutions per kumbhaka and increasing number of kumbhakas

Technology Notes
  • Each session can then be re-watched as often as you like. The session videos have no expiry date. In Vimeo on the right beneath the main screen you see a list of thumbnails. This is the list of recorded sessions with the first one at the top. If you can’t see anything try refreshing or restarting your browser and/or restart your device/ computer and emptying your cache. If it still doesn’t work try Google Chrome.
  • Please check your audio output before class starts. This can be done via the sound settings in your system preferences.
  • Please set your playback resolution to 540 or lower during the live session. Do not keep it on the “auto” playback, which can be inconsistent. To change the resolution, hover over the player bar, click on the settings cog, and select 540 or 240. If in doubt whether your connection is fast enough initially select 240.
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July 19, 2024
9:04 pm


Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!



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