On-Demand OUR ESSENTIAL CORE – With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

Online Course/ On-demand
multiyear access included

Open to all levels

Total Hours
~10 Hours, 20 minutes
~9 Lesson Course

Course Overview

There are many misconceptions about our core, what it is and what is required for holistic health, stability and strength. Babies perform movements that suggest core strength without having yet developed their muscles! To have the stability that prevents injury and build strength, we need a responsive core that adapts to the ever-changing environment of the various movements we continuously perform.

This work builds a solid foundation for beginners, is therapeutic for those with injuries and is essential for those wanting to advance their practice to more challenging and complex asana.

  • As the core goes, so the rest follows!
  • Rediscover what is needed to have the stable, responsive core you had as an infant!
  • Understand the important differences between your intrinsic and extrinsic, expanded core.
  • Discover the engine that drives your intrinsic core and the secret to stability and building strength.
  • Know the important functions of the three diaphragms of our core’s internal pressure system.
  • Lean specific exercises to assess and revitalise both our inner and expanded, functional core.
  • Explore the extrinsic core and how to most effectively build strength where it matters most.
  • Practice moving from the inside out and integrating your limbs into your core centre.


  • There is a strong theoretical component to this workshop. A PowerPoint presentation is used as a visual supplement to aid students to better understand and integrate the information presented. A handout of the slides is supplied.
  • There are integrated practical components to this Workshop, which makes the material relevant and applicable.
  • It is highly recommended that you have a partner for the assessment sections of this workshop.
  • This workshop is interactive and questions are encouraged to make the material pertinent and personal to your leaning needs.
  • Mantra is included as a tool to clear our mind for leaning and set a conscious intention (sankalpa) and theme for the workshop material.


Dear Monica I really want to thank you for your teaching this weekend. The time was fast and I really appreciate your very somatic approach. This approach touches me and speaks to me a lot because of my interest in experimental Anatomy. I’m a teacher of yoga and educator of somatic and body mind centring. Thank you for your energy and grace. I hope to see you next year. Gratitude.
Savitri, France.

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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