On-Demand Pranayama Level 3 Course – with Gregor Maehle

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Students who have previously completed one of our Level 3 Teacher Trainings can register at a 50% discount. Please email us for a discount code.


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Course Details

Online Course

Pranayama Level 3 Course

Total Hours
~10 Hours
~10 Lesson Course

Pranayama Level 1 and 2 Courses (you can access these course on-demand here)

Course Overview

This is our Pranayama Level 3 course, consisting of 10 lessons with each lesson approximately 60 minutes long. During the LIVE version, questions can be asked. The recorded version is available after LIVE/webinar is completed. In order to qualify this course you need to have done our online Pranayama Level 1 and 2 course (you can access this course on-demand here) or you need to have completed one of our teacher trainings or an in-person Pranayama Module with Gregor. While there will be a recap of the Level 2 course in the first one or two lessons of this course, you will not be able to follow this course unless you have completed our Pranayama Level 2.


  • Capacity to sit comfortably in a meditation posture
  • An empty stomach, i.e. practice before food and not after food
  • Pranayama Level 2 course

What you don’t need

  • An intermediate or advanced asana practice


  • Untreated high blood pressure, uterus inflammation, glaucoma, heart disease, pneumonia, bronchitis, hernia, dizziness
  • Pregnancy



Among other things covered will be:

Prerequistes and contraindications

Recap of Level 2 course

  • Breath wave, mantra, visualization, digital count, Jihva Bandha, Shambhavi Mudra, divine image,
  • Importance of Granthi breaking Stage 1

Introduction to Bhastrika

  • Contraindications
  • Positioning of Bhastrika relative to Kapalabhati

External kumbhakas

  • Contraindications
  • Placement of external kumbhakas relative to Nadi Shodhana

Use of Chandra vs Surya Bhedana in the context of Bhastrika

1 : 2 : 2 ratio

Bhastrika as a stand-alone practice

  • Internal vs external kumbhakas to have 2 :1 relation

Holding Mahabandha during external kumbhaka

  • Importance of Mula Bandha for kumbhaka

Further ratios

Importance of Divine Image

Technology Notes
  • Please set your playback resolution to 540 or lower during the live session. Do not keep it on the “auto” playback, which can be inconsistent. To change the resolution, hover over the player bar, click on the settings cog, and select 540 or 240. If in doubt whether your connection is fast enough initially select 240.
  • If the video does not start, try refreshing your browser.
  • Please check your audio output before class starts. This can be done via the sound settings in your system preferences.
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Upon Purchase:
You will receive a purchase receipt and shortly after an email titled “Important information for the event…”. This email will include all information regarding access to the on-demand event. All video footage remains copyright 8 Limbs Ashtanga Yoga 2022.


July 19, 2024
11:58 am


Gregor is a life-long yogi and has over 40 years of experience of yoga study and practice!



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