On-Demand The Integral Spine – With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

On-Demand Online Course

Open to all levels


You will need:
A foam roller
A soft ~9cm diameter ball
Two firm balls (tennis or lacrosse)
One long sock

Total Hours
12 hrs, 20 mins over 10 lessons
Each lesson 60 – 75 minutes


Course Overview

A Holistic Study & Therapeutic Approach to the Structure, Function & Energetics of our Sacred Spine.

This Workshop can be done as a stand-alone event and is also one of the therapy focused topics of our 300-hour Online Teacher Training.

A holistic look at the structure, function and energetic effects of the common thread in all yoga asana styles and techniques – our spine! Our modern lifestyle exacerbate the ill effects of poor posture, mental stress and spiritual discontent and our spine bears the burden of these stressors. Likewise it is the influence of our spine, its central energy channel and energetic centres that enables yoga it to work its ‘magic’. In this workshop we explore the spine as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual axis of our body and being.

A study of the development of our spinal curves reveals the energetic system that is at the core of every yogic technique, from asana, to pranayama to meditation. Each curve bows to the chakra at that corresponding level. We explore these energy centres, how they reflect our evolution, emotions and expression with a view to understand how their gentle activation is what makes the beneficial effects of yogic asana so unique.

We look at the architecture of the spine and how its structure determines our functional abilities. The anatomical section aims to educate students to respect differences both within the spine and between individuals. It is these differences that predict varying degrees of limitations and potential in the different movement types of asana.

We study the ‘stress’ points of our spine and how to reduce these stressors. Here we also look at the passive stabilisation system of ligaments as well as the active stabilisation of the intrinsic and extrinsic spinal muscles. We examine how the role of segmental stability compliments the role of the muscles that provide larger prime movements. We explore spinal mobilisation techniques and asanas that enhance spinal stability and health as well as practical ways to modify how we perform any asana to spare our spine that it can be healthy and last us for a long lifetime.

This workshop includes learning a Tantric spinal meditation chant, cakra meditation, and concludes with a Spinal Focus asana class to revise and help students integrate the therapeutic exercises and postures taught throughout the workshop.

A digital manual will be provided. 


Course Syllabus


  • Learn chant: Dhārana on Suṣumna (Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra #35)
  • Divine Intelligence & the Nervous System


  • Our Spiritual Spine
  • Suṣumna & the Cakras


  • Mobility, Stability & Function
  • Discs & Facet Joints
  • Passive stabilisation – Ligaments & Fascia


  • Active stabilisation
  • Muscles of the Inner Core
  • Integration of the Limbs


  • Posture, Emotions & Beliefs
  • Correcting Forward Head Posture


  • Hyper- & Hypo Curves
  • Correcting Postural Imbalances


  • Stress Areas of the Spine
  • Destressing the Neck & Thorax


  • Stress Areas of the Spine
  • Destressing the Low Back


  • Other Spinal Complications


  • Therapeutical Spinal Flow Class

“It was an absolute pleasure to host Monica for an excellent workshop ‘Our Sacred Spine’. Every aspect of the workshop was well organized and delivered. Monica managed to keep what could have been a dry and purely anatomical topic, engaging, relevant, interesting, and insightful. She has a vast knowledge of the subject matter, and at the same time applied the spiritual context relating to the anatomy of our spine. The theory was regularly broken up with practical applications that allowed a much fuller understanding of all that was being taught.

Here is someone who has the ability to playfully bring together a thorough anatomical understanding of Yoga postures, Yoga physiology, and Yoga philosophy; all delivered with great skill, instilling in all of us a beautifully holistic understanding of our spine. A very engaging and fascinating experience, highly recommended!
I am already looking forward to Monica’s next workshop.”
Angelika Knoerzer, Director of North Sydney Yoga, Australia

Dear Monica, Now I am able to answer the questions related to “therapy” I receive through my blog. Thank YOU. I had almost zero knowledge of anatomy and therapy before our training, and they were not my interest (at all… almost). It is very different now:). I hope for another chance to learn from you. Thank you❤.
Rory, South Korea

Thank you so much for a fantastic two weeks… your wonderful calm aurora and mind blowing wisdom and knowledge come through the screen. I have scribbled copious notes… Thank you soooo much again. Looking forward to the next workshop sometime! 

Much love and gratitude 
Emma, UK

Hi dear Moni, Today’s session was grrrreat! Thank you sooo much. I’m so happy to be doing this with you 😊 you have such a lovely teaching style. I am sooo enjoying this. I keep getting new depths and insights into what you are saying and it’s giving me an increased understanding of our amazing human body. My theme this year is the spine from a physical, physiological and spiritual view and your course is helping me a lot.

Claire, Switzerland

Again I am thoroughly enjoying your spine unit Monica! I can’t get enough of how you explain movement and biomechanics with practical experience, examples, exercises… 

Thank you so much I am just drinking it up.
Louise, WA, Australia 

Monica that was SOOOO BEAUTIFUL and educational! I love how you’ve pieced all the information together! Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and wisdom… [it] touches me to my deepest core, what a Brilliant Gem you are… thank you thank you. I can’t wait for tomorrow, it’s the highlight of my day. Sending love…

Carmela, WA, Australia

Thank you for this beautiful workshop! I am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the knowledge and insights that you are sharing!

Sandi, USA

Thank you so much for this entire course on the spine, it has been incredibly insightful and I am really looking forward to slowly absorbing what I have learnt and integrating it into my practice, teaching and also everyday life 🙂

Rose, France 

A great thank you for giving the Integral Spine online. I already learned so much… I love the course. I am grateful that you shared your passion.

Gaby, Germany

Oh Monica. That was one of your best yet and that’s saying something. You’re really gifted and I hope you decide to publish something some day. Thank you and looking forward to tomorrow.

Jessica, NSW, Australia 

Such a soul enriching class. It’s so lovely to be with the majesty of our architecture vs the dry technical uni tomes. Looking forward to tomorrow. 

Lara, VIC, Australia

I just wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying the workshop and the way you teach. I’m learning so much. Anatomy is a hard one for me but your enthusiasm is rubbing off on me. 🙂 

Sheridan, WA, Australia

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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