On-Demand Yoga Anatomy online – With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

On-Demand Online Course

Know Your Miracle
Applied Functional Yoga Anatomy Level 1 Course

Total Hours
~16.5 Hours
~11 Lesson Course, each lesson 90 minutes

Course Overview

Monica’s ‘Know Your Miracle’ Applied Yoga Anatomy, aims to give you a deep respect, love and understanding of this miracle that we inhabit. The intriguing theory that you will learn about your body will be practically applied to the proper kinetics when performing āsana.

Topics include Kinesiology (the language of movement), the spine as a sacred channel, the living tissues of the body including the joints, ligaments and connective tissues, muscle physiology, an overview of the nervous and respiratory systems, the biomechanics of breathing and the muscles and actions of the main functional āsana groups, i.e.: backbends, forward bends, hip opening postures and arm balances.

Each section includes information that gives you an understanding of the biomechanics of those specific joints, the actions of the muscles and their fascial connections, which determine their functional movement patterns.

The anatomy presented is simple, powerfully relevant and easily applied.

PHOTOGRAPH: Sydoni Yogini


“It was an absolute pleasure to host Monica Gauci for an excellent workshop.  Every aspect of the workshop was well organized and delivered. Monica managed to keep what could have been a dry and purely anatomical topic, engaging, relevant, interesting, and insightful. She has a vast knowledge of the subject matter, and at the same time applied the spiritual context relating to the anatomy of our spine. The theory was regularly broken up with practical applications that allowed a much fuller understanding of all that was being taught.

Here is someone who has the ability to playfully bring together a thorough anatomical understanding of Yoga postures, Yoga physiology, and Yoga philosophy; all delivered with great skill, instilling in all of us a beautifully holistic understanding of our spine. A very engaging and fascinating experience, highly recommended!”

Angelika Knoerzer, Director, North Sydney Yoga

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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