On-Demand Yoga Anatomy online – With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

On-Demand Online Course

Know Your Miracle
Applied Functional Yoga Anatomy Level 1 Course

Total Hours
~16.5 Hours
~11 Lesson Course, each lesson 90 minutes

Course Overview

Monica’s ‘Know Your Miracle’ Applied Yoga Anatomy, aims to give you a deep respect, love and understanding of this miracle that we inhabit. The intriguing theory that you will learn about your body will be practically applied to the proper kinetics when performing āsana.

Topics include Kinesiology (the language of movement), the spine as a sacred channel, the living tissues of the body including the joints, ligaments and connective tissues, muscle physiology, an overview of the nervous and respiratory systems, the biomechanics of breathing and the muscles and actions of the main functional āsana groups, i.e.: backbends, forward bends, hip opening postures and arm balances.

Each section includes information that gives you an understanding of the biomechanics of those specific joints, the actions of the muscles and their fascial connections, which determine their functional movement patterns.

The anatomy presented is simple, powerfully relevant and easily applied.

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Just eighteen days in the company of Gregor and Monica has not only changed the way that I practice and teach yoga, but has altered my whole intention. I left Crabbes Creek with a sense of purpose in what I do, and with an enriched passion – now equipped with a significantly developed understanding of dynamic anatomy in the context of all yogic practices and how they relate to the philosophy, as well as to how we operate as teachers and practitioners in these times. Their combined eighty years of experience shines through in what Monica once said to me: ‘When we teach we hold nothing back; we teach in the hope that you’ll one day become better teachers than us.’ Six months have lapsed since the immersion and still I feel the ripples of your words.” As ever, words can’t fully articulate my gratitude, but this, at least, is a start.
Benjamin, UK

Your anatomy course is fab, even many things will take time to settle and lots of reviewing but there is such tangible knowledge that makes it so real. I am incorporating / playing with many of your teachings in my practise, and absolutely forming a relationship with these magical dendrites – I promise, I hear neurons clapping :-). So a big, big thank you!!
Patrizia, South Africa

Thank you so much Monica for your impassioned and joyful teachings. I so thoroughly enjoyed your teachings… The whole course was very inspiring. When I was teaching this morning I was dipping into my new tool box and body of knowledge and applying it to my class. It was all very well received and a few light bulbs went on for all of us. It was great to apply and practice on the students. Namaste. Liz, Perth

Thank you so much for the wonderful anatomy course. I really enjoyed it! Happy and grateful that I can follow it. I’ve been through several anatomy courses before, but your classes like no other inspire to want to now more and love the body I am in, thank you for that.
Vaida, Netherlands

Your fascinating anatomy sessions (never studied it before) and the teaching methodology are adding so much to my understanding of the practice and giving me lots of room to work on my own personal practice.
Catherine, Sydney

Thank you again for your amazing course, your knowledge is amazing and your explanations just help me a lot in my understanding, even if it is a very, very complex subject.
Vanessa, Luxembourg

Thanks first of all for the ongoing Anatomy Module online. I am really enjoying it, and learning a lot and appreciate even more this body. You are so great in explaining this complicated material well, so I can follow very good, without having any previous knowledge.
Margit, Austria

Absolutely loving your anatomy module Monica, I hope you consider a level 2 after this! (I don’t want it to end!)
Louise (Occupational Therapist), Australia

Great work with the anatomy class, I really appreciate the work you put in working out the balance between being basic level and going into depth.
Marcus (Osteopath), Germany

I just wanted to thank you for your classes. You speak and explain everything very clearly. It is super interesting!
Ilse, Switzerland

Hi Monica, such insightful sessions! I am so grateful for all the knowledge you share. So so helpful. Learning so much!
Irina, UK

Monica, thank you for the anatomy lessons, I finally get interested in my own miracle 🙂 I also realize that I have ( and want) to learn about the subject.
Gaby, Germany

Thank you very much for the yoga anatomy course which was very informative and well presented. Oliver, UK

Thank you so much for the last 2 weeks taking us through the amazing journey. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Tomoko, Australia

Thank you very much for this course! It was very helpful.
Rohit, USA
Tim, Perth

I purchased the Anatomy Course with Monica and I devoured the lessons! I loved it so much and I learned so much, I cannot even put it into words.

Tina, Austria

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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