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Meeting you two in Bali three years ago was a healing experience I still carry close to my heart. I was and still am overwhelmed by the ability of you two to create an atmosphere of learning and stepping into a relationship with each other I never experienced before and since. I felt safe asking any questions, looking into your eyes and learning. I remember the epiphany I had afterwards that I had never experienced the feeling of being equal right away even though you both are so much more knowledgeable on the field of yoga and life itself. You don´t know how grateful I am until today for that because you showed me: IT IS POSSIBLE: there doesn´t have to be a hierarchy or power tripping between teacher and student if you understand what I want to express. You don´t know how much healing can expand from that. I am forever grateful for this experience!

– Anne (MD). Berlin, Germany

I would highly recommend a teacher training with Gregor and Monica. They both have a vast knowledge of yoga and related subjects, they are dedicated yoga practitioners, they teach in a compassionate way where everybody feels included. The training prepared me well for a teaching career in yoga and also greatly deepen my own practice. The format and setting were amazing and very well thought through. I’m still getting knowledge and inspiration from attending their TT and I recommend it to all my students.

– Denisa. Prague, Czech Republic

I would like to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding training you provided. It really has been an amazing journey and both yourself and Gregor have so much knowledge that you seamlessly provide to your students. You are both amazing human beings. If I can transfer at least some of that knowledge to my students, I will be grateful.

– Lucy. Perth, Australia

I am deeply moved by this yoga course. I applied thinking I would get guidance in my “physical” yoga practice only. But I left this course with the tools of living a fulfilling life. I cried so much, I still cry recently and I am happy that everything is flowing freely. I am learning to love and respect myself. Words really cannot describe how unbelievably moving, touching this course was and how grateful I was to be part of it. I love you both dearly and look forward to hearing from you.

– Severin. Tokyo, Japan

Once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along where you can learn from the very best teachers in their profession. Monica and Gregor are those teachers, and over the course of a year I found myself delving more deeply into my yoga studies under their expertise, passion and compassionate guidance. After completing the teacher training I have developed a deeper understanding of yoga and myself, and am inspired to continue my learning as this is the legacy that they as teachers leave with you; they give you the tool and foundations for learning whilst encouraging and inspiring you to be your best self.  There is so much knowledge between Monica and Gregor it really was an honour to have some of this imparted on me. Thank you both.

When I saw Gregor speak last Friday he said that we are all expressions of the Divine and I can see how you are both examples of that – spreading these wonderful teachings and inspiring people all over the world to not only grow but also be teachers themselves and to help other people as they commence their journey also. Quite a legacy! 

– Neska, Perth Australia

So thankful for coming across Gregor’s books and also studying with him. Such a rare teacher of a diverse disciplines of yoga. Inspirational, insightful, methodological, challenging, kind, approachable, humble and coherent. So looking forward to studying more! With gratitude & namaste.

– Irina. Horsham, UK 🙏❤️

There are few in this world who can share such deep insights that yoga brings. It is clear to me that the information I require at my stage needs a particular level of experiential wisdom, mystical knowledge and a deep and profound understanding of light, love and essence. I’m not speaking lightly about this, I have met and practiced with amazing teachers, studied and healed under wise masters… Your beauty, love, knowledge and wisdom coupled with Gregor’s obvious progression and enlightenment of ancient wisdom is most certainly a beacon of brilliance. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU… for keeping it real.

– Sydoni. Byron Bay, Australia

Yoga teacher training with Gregor and Monica has been a life changing journey. Their technical knowledge and skill is mind blowing. They compliment each other beautifully – Monica’s practical classes on ‘hand’s on’ teaching is superbly detailed with an amazing focus on alignment and anatomy. Gregor’s knowledge of the breath and meditation aspects of yoga have taken my spiritual practice of yoga to a new level – this knowledge is not something you could ever get from a book. I’m so grateful for their wisdom, passion and kindness – Namaste!

– Jo. Perth, Australia

The Bali experience has changed me forever. I have settled into a lifestyle of peace and contentment with what is. Letting go of the fight to keep things the same has ceased. Sharing what I have embodied has deepened my practice and stepping into more responsibility at work and supporting my Mother as she transitions. I’m grateful for all your knowledge, love and guidance. Thank you for giving so much of yourself, you make this world a better place – in love, light and peace.

– Diandra. Carver, USA

Gregor and Monica are genuinely amazing people, I felt engaged and energised from the first minute to the last minute of this incredible experience. Even though they have a lot more Yoga experience than me I felt they treated me as an equal and taught from a place of love and authenticity throughout.

– Lincoln. Perth, Australia

Thank you both from the center-most place of my heart for the training. Each day I cherish the month spent in Bali. Each day I send good thoughts to both of you and the group. I am forever grateful and humbled for everything that I have learned with you… and thank you both for showing me a Beyond that I forgot exists.

– Oana. Timis, Romania

Monica and Gregor, When embarking on this journey in teacher training, I did not foresee how much I would grow, love and learn. Your empathy, compassion and dedication to yoga and your students is inspiring and uplifting. I feel blessed to have had teachers with such vast  knowledge and experience. Thanks to your nurturing instruction, my heart is full. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have learned from you over the last year.
Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

– Margaret. Perth, Australia

Gregor and Monica’s teacher training was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Their breadth of knowledge on yoga and everything related was endlessly fascinating and left me feeling inspired and prepared to continue on my own journey, both as a teacher and student. Anyone who chooses to study with them will gain a whole world of knowledge and guidance. Cannot recommend this teacher training more highly.

– Tracy. Tel Aviv, Israel

It is said a student learns the most, not from the techniques a teacher imparts but instead from their grace. We have all felt this grace in you both, these past weeks here in Tejakula [Bali] we have all been profoundly moved and changed by your teachings and today we offer something back, our deep love, appreciation and gratitude for this opportunity to be taught by you and to spend time here with you on this beautiful mountain being cared for by these gentle Balinese people.  

We know it is not your wish to be referred to as Gurus, but we appreciate your “Guruness” and your ability to reveal the foggy windows to our souls, and for the lessons of how to slowly wipe the windows clean to make them clear enough to see thru. We saw that when you live for others, others will live for you and how if you only live for yourself you will carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. 

We noticed that care as you teach us day after day with patience and care and we acknowledge your boundless energy and generosity and this quality of giving. We saw abundance you have created in your own lives by living your dreams and now how it flows over into our lives. 

During our time here our eager minds saw much anatomy and Sanskrit but we also watched as happiness and joy welled up, knowledge flourished and sorrow diminished, we reflect today on this gift of Yoga, and recall how you said a butterfly flaps its wings in the Pacific and a tidal wave happens in South-east Asia. This time here learning Yoga and the change it has created in all of us must surely have an exponential effect on the world just like the butterfly flapping its wings, this time we must surely change our lives, our loved ones and even people we haven’t met and will never meet. 

Our new found courage will take us out into the world with a little less lack and limitation to create newness and make positive change. We hope one day to experience the crystalised divine, but perhaps we have already caught a glimpse of this quality in both of you with the love you have shown us in the past weeks.   

Gregor and Monica thank you for this time at Abasan [Bali], we all thank you for squeezing our souls, We know not to follow you like Gurus, because you are behind us and always with us and we know that you are always there to push us forward to move with sacred momentum to be generous and free. We thank you for your Grace.

And today if we cry, we will only cry tears of gratitude. Our deepest love from the bottom of our heart.

– Dianne. Melbourne, Australia

The time I spent with Gregor & Monica during the Teacher Training was one of the most memorable time during my life so far. They are the most inspiring teachers and more importantly, I appreciate and value their depth of knowledge which comes purely from their own experience of not only teaching Yoga but also living Yoga. During their classes there is heaps and heaps to take in and one wonders whether to sit and listen or to make notes. However Gregor & Monica have helped us to solve this dilemma by putting everything in the 5 books they have published. One can always go back to their books on Primary series, Intermediate series or Pranayama , Meditation, Samadhi and find them there. Although extremely busy, they always respond within 24 hours to any query emailed to them unless they are in the Immersion programs. I have always found them very supportive, loving and caring and it’s a great privilege to have completed my Teacher Training with them. Last but not the least, I could clearly see that, Gregor through his teacher training and workshops all over the world, is treading on his path of ‘restoring Yoga to the glory it once was’.

– Asmita. Melbourne, Australia

Amazing, valuable, educational and philosophical training from Monica and Gregor. It exceeded my expectations and more! Their 200 hour training set up my teaching foundations and have me the confidence to teach what I love. 

– Debbie. Perth, Australia

Gregor and Monica are an excellent combination of deep knowledge of yoga, both the physical aspect of asana and anatomy and especially the philosophy and history. The experience was very rewarding for me! I would come back to them for more! Very authentic and loving teachers, they are the true embodiment of what they teach!

– Rosa. Miami, USA

Gregor and Monica have a lifelong and vast commitment to all yogic inquiry and experience. They shared this knowledge with love, humility, passion and compassion. I am fortunate to have learnt from them. Namaste.

– Michael, Melbourne. Australia

I would like to thank my teacher Gregor Maehle for codifying this ancient practice from the various scriptures in which it is scattered, and then road testing it with such insight to ensure that we have a safe and progressive system with which to deepen our experience of yoga and life (which are essentially the same thing) without such endeavours these more sophisticated practices which address the whole human condition will be lost.

– Mark. Ely, UK

Par excellence! I particularly appreciated both the academic rigor and deep spiritual practice both Monica and Gregor have invested in probably what is now 80 years between them. Brilliance, love and humour shines through in their giving themselves to teaching yoga, in which I thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed and, I shall take with me to eternity. Namaste.

– Niamh. Perth, Australia

Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci are sharing the science of Yoga from their grace and deep love. The eight limbs of Yoga are shared with endless authenticity and joyful energy. It’s a gift to have an opportunity to study by their side in the beautiful land of Bali and be inspired by their quality of giving. I thank both of them for their teachings, from the bottom of my heart, with gratitude and love.

– Roxane. New York, USA

I would define this training as the purest form of Yoga training given the depth of knowledge of Gregor and Monica, and their 30+ years of personal yoga experience, practice and mastery. They teach from the origins of Yoga theory and practice and refer directly to the Sutras as well as the founding fathers of Yoga Philosophy. They are carrying the ancient wisdom and traditional practices and approaches to Yoga without altering or filtering any information through modern interpretations. Being taught by Gregor and Monica is akin to being transported in time to learn from the genuine masters of Yoga – and they honour the ancient wisdom with grace, gratitude and a deep appreciation that is passed on to all their students.

– Beth. Perth, Australia

Beautiful you. Just a note to say how much I appreciate all the energy you and Gregor give to people.  I so enjoyed my week with you both,  you have the most calming, kind and intelligent way about you… Thanks for spreading all the Yoga love, knowledge and inspiration – you both embody what I believe Yoga to be. Love from Dublin,

– Yvonne. Dublin, Ireland

Once again, Gregor Maehle has provided an invaluable resource for yoga students. I’ve read a dozen books on pranayama and taken workshops, all to little benefit in my practice.  With this book, the lights came on. As in his previous publications, Mr. Maehle combines his astonishing knowledge of yoga scripture with the most straightforward, most insightful, most eye-opening descriptions and explanations ranging from physiology and bio-mechanics to psychology and spirituality. As I reread this book and ponder it, I am continually astonished by the depth of insight it provides. I have come to believe that this will be the single most important book on yoga in the past century. This is a life-changing contribution, for which I am profoundly grateful.

– Paul (MD, PhD).

Dear Gregor, I want to thank you very much for the workshop in Prague, it was so so so good. After long time I met teacher who speaks exactly to the essence. It helped me to deepen my experience in yoga. Started to read your new books also. Real thanks from my heart for what you are……for what you are saying and how you inspire us to go deeper to the practice instead of talking about yoga……I study yoga for last 15 years quite seriously – I guess:)) and also studied Indian philosophy at the university and you somehow clarify many things which were not so much clear to me…….thanks 

– Katerina. Prague, Czech Republic

I found Gregor and Monica’s TT to be very informative and precise. Together they provide a perfect balance in each area of their expertise, Gregor with his incredible depth of knowledge in Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, and Monica with her detailed and easy to digest explanations on Anatomy and Teaching methodology. The fact they are authors of their own books helps out a great deal when referring back over notes whilst studying. I walked away from these weekend modules in a state where I just wanted to drop everything and immerse myself further in the studies of yoga. I have gained so much from the 200-hr course and their studio 8 Limbs. I am excited to be furthering my practice and studies with them.

– Jordan. Perth, Australia

Thank you again very much for your and Gregor’s absolutely great teacher training. It was a totally enriching experience for yoga as well as for every day life. I left Ubud feeling loaded with positive energy and love! Merci veu veu mau!!!

– Joelle. Berne, Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you both for being such incredible teachers. I am so grateful for this time. You taught in such a genuine and giving way and because of this I am leaving with the confidence that I am on the right path. You have given me the tools and knowledge to make the changes I want to make. I now have the direction and the grounding to continue learning for the rest of my life. So thank you for being so generous. I hope that I can continue to learn from you both. Lots of love.

– Georgie. Melbourne, Australia

Gregor and Monica are they most genuine and inspiring teachers i have had the pleasure of meeting. I think they set an exceptionally high standard for yoga education, living what they teach and giving from the heart. I highly recommend their trainings.

– Kelly. Berlin, Germany

This course completely met my expectation of deepening my yoga practice and understanding how to develop my meditation, pranayama and philosophy studies. Both teachers were 100% committed to sharing with us their wealth of information. They gave us study material that will last us years, if not a lifetime of further learning and development.

– Deanne. Adelaide, Australia

An ENORMOUS thank you for the wonderful teacher training course in Bali – what a month to remember!!! I absolutely LOVED IT!! Really hope that in 2016 I can find time to come and do my level 2 with you, would absolutely love to do it all again in more detail! Many thanks to you and Gregor for organising and teaching such a thorough and enjoyable teacher training!

– Sophie, Guernsey UK

A wonderful weekend of Sutra philosophy with Gregor. He’s so delightful in every way.  I love his free flow teaching style and I laughed my way through a profound weekend of yoga practice and study. What an amazing duo you are!!!

– Rachel. Perth, Australia

I would highly recommend aspiring yoga teachers train with Monica and Gregor due to their authentic humble approach, extensive knowledge and experience, and passion for sharing the joy of all aspects of yoga. My time with them not only taught me critical technique, but was a transformational life experience that I cherish and apply every day. Monica and Gregor’s teaching is of the highest standard, inclusive, practical and holistic. I am forever their student and will work to ensure I do them and their teachers justice in my own teaching and practice.

– Jessica. Canberra, Australia

Hi Monica, thank you for such a lovely start to my yoga journey with you this past weekend. I really feel certain now that I’ve made the best decision with choosing your course. You yourself are just so delightful and your light and open energy just seems to make everything so easy and inviting. Even your Ashtanga class was a very welcome light experience for me and you manage to make Anatomy way more relatable than other courses on it that I’ve done in my life.  I’m so happy to be part of this group and having this experience. It’s just so full of life and joy. Well done!

Namaste 🙏

– Rachel. Perth, Australia

The Level 2 immersion is food for the soul. Monica and Gregor’s teachings encompass all the 8 limbs of yoga and are deeply rooted in decades of study and personal practice. The teaching style is thorough, generous and inclusive. I have come away feeling empowered with the techniques of pranayama, meditation, chanting, and understanding of anatomy that really help to ground and balance the physical asana practice. The immersion format is fantastic as it gives you time to focus on establishing yourself in the additional practices and feel confident in taking the information home to successfully integrate it into the daily yoga practice. I highly recommend Monica and Gregor’s trainings to anyone looking to deepen their study and understanding of yoga that goes beyond the physical asana practice.

– Milena. Melbourne, Australia

Hi Monica 🙂 I just wanted to send you a quick email to express the amazing amount of gratitude I have for you in helping to address my shoulder injury. I am actually shocked how quickly I have been recovering in comparison to the first time I had the same injury. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for your actions in correctly diagnosing the injury, recommending Rayan, and modifying my practice to remedy the problem. I can do yoga again. It really was the only thing I wanted. So thank you, deeply and profoundly thank you.

– Russell. Perth, Australia

Your teachings were an anchor and catalyst in guiding me … and allowing me to settle confidently and deeply in a place I feel like I had been wanting to go for a long time.

– Katharina. Vienna, Austria

I am so so grateful for both of your time in sharing your knowledge and hearts with us all in Bali. I feel changed and have tools that I know I can continue working on and integrating into my life. It has brought me to a deeper level of appreciation of the journey I have (through life) and the constant work I have to do. With this said, I feel a lightness, compassion and deeper sense of love for everyone I come across. I am still growing. My deep love to you both, my teachers. I think of you both often and send love and light to you always. Love

– Cristina. Perth, Australia

Thank you so much! I am very grateful for this incredibly inspiring precious time we could share in Bali together! You two have given all of us so much! It’ll take many life times to take it all in, all the knowledge and inspiration we received! This has been an experience that is still present within myself and I find refuge in and makes me deal with the weird world around us, makes me stay a dedicated practitioner and student, trying to integrate and pass on what I’ve learned in daily life. I am highly recommended training with you to others. Lots of love.

– Kristina. Byron Bay, Australia

The yoga teacher training conducted by Monica and Gregor has been an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience. Among the many positives, what impressed me most was their attention to detail, their dedication to making sure accurate information was provided, and mostly their nurturing and support through those days when an apprentice teacher experiences moments of self-doubt. THANK YOU Monica and Gregor for your sharing that comes from the heart, your wonderfully warm sense of humour and for your commitment to your students.

– Ramona. Perth, Australia

Dear Monica. Now I am able to answer the questions related to “therapy” I receive through my blog. Thank YOU. I had almost zero knowledge of anatomy and therapy before our training, and they were not my interest (at all… almost). It is very different now :). I hope for another chance to learn from you. Thank you ❤.

– Rory. Seoul, Korea

Hey Monica, I would like to thank you for all your support and advice while I was working through my SI injury.  Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve integrated the psoas release and fit ball exercise as well as glute strengthening exercises (suggested by my osteo) to great success.  In turn my practice has taking on a renewed strength and support and now I look forward to what my daily practice brings with this new found confidence.

– Taylor. Melbourne, Australia

Just a very quick note to express my absolute gratitude to you. The past days together have been hugely informative and again transformational for me. You seem to accelerate students through whatever transformation they need as unique individuals. We think about things differently and have epiphanies – well at least this is my experience and I hear the same from others. We couldn’t do this without your guidance and wisdom, built on your many years of dedication, hard work, and you trusting that you should follow your curiosity. Well, we could, but real change would likely come at a glacial pace! Much Love and gratitude to you both!

– Jessica. Canberra, Australia

I’ve experienced 550 hours + of giving from Monica and Gregor. It was for me, ‘educaire’ par excellence, guiding one to one’s truth, combining latest western physiological and eastern techniques. I met amazing people. Learning and growing is a very happy combination for me and receiving Monica and Gregor’s gifts was profound. Thank you.

– Niamh. Perth, Australia

Gregor and Monica are incredible. They are the best, and most knowledgable teachers I’ve ever worked with. I can’t wait to study with them again, and I highly recommend their courses to anyone interested in gaining an authentic understanding of yoga and how to practice it.

– Oliver. Townsville, Australia

Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your passion, enthusiasm and deep knowledge of Yoga with me. It is a journey I will never forget, and one I will continue through my life. You are an inspiration, positively impacting the lives of so many.

– Jo. Perth, Australia

I am deeply grateful for and humbly respectful of your rigorous exploration of yoga and your practice to its mastery. Combined with your profound and fascinating enquiry into life and the cosmos together with the ability to communicate with clarity and humour we are most fortunate to have a genuine and inspiring teacher. 

– Amanda. Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much Monica for your impassioned and joyful teachings. I so thoroughly enjoyed your yoga, your teachings, your chanting, your guided meditations. The whole course was very inspiring. When I was teaching this morning I was dipping into my new tool box and body of knowledge and applying it to my class. It was all very well received and a few light bulbs went on for all of us. It was great to apply and practice on the students… Namaste.

– Liz. Perth, Australia

Dear Gregor and Monica. Thank you for filling the potholes in my road with a hopeful vision, love, and inspiration. I appreciate your understanding and nurturing over these past few weeks. I take away with me mediations techniques, which my busy mind has always struggled to employ, comforting mantras to sing, greater acceptance of my physical limitations, more peace in my heart, as well as some funny and memorable anecdotes! Thank you for being so generous with sharing your immense knowledge and giving so much of your heart into this course.

– Yumiko. Sydney, Australia

Gregor, thank you so much for two incredibly enjoyable weekends! The asana practise was excellent, the content excellent, and some of the stories totally outrageous!! I did not expect to laugh as much while learning about yoga philosophy and yoga sutra!

– Linda. Perth, Australia

Gregor and Monica are both dedicated yogis. They are humble, kind and knowledgable, and this really comes through in their teaching. Monica is  also a chiropractor and a self-confessed ‘anatomy geek’, keeping up with the latest research. She makes the study very interesting, and applies it to movement in general, as well as asana. Importantly, she emphasises the importance of strength and stability in addition to flexibility for everybody. Gregor’s detailed knowledge of yogic scriptures, pranayama and meditation is incredible – amongst the best in the world. His books are a fantastic resource to return to as the practice develops. His teachings are complemented by entertaining real-life stories. I highly recommend them as teachers.

– Bansi. Perth, Australia.

 [Monica’s] ‘Ashtanga Yoga Beginners course Manual for teachers’ is a wonderful book, one of my favourites on Ashtanga and asana generally.

– Anthony, London, UK.

Many thanks for the course and the teachings. It completely changed my practice and how I see yoga. At least now I have an understanding of pranayama and meditation and have a clear path to follow. Gonna take me a while to process and unpack what we have learnt but this has been a life changing experience. Just what I needed 🙂 Your course and your teachings are true gold and I feel very privileged to have been able to study with you. Thank you again for the depth of these teachings.

– Patrick, Melbourne Australia

Thank you for the incredible year that was. This course is so complete, and you both teach so passionately but with grounding and thoroughness. I have enjoyed every single minute and also got a lot out of doing the Workbook.

– Michelle. Perth, Australia


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