with Dr Monica Gauci. B Sc, B Chiro (Hons), Yoga Therapist (IAYT, AAYT)


Since 1984, Monica has studied many disciplines of the Healing Arts, including Lomi Lomi massage, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Reiki. In 2008 she graduated with 1st class honours as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since then she has completed numerous post-graduate studies in manual, movement and healing therapies.

Monica Gauci
B Sc, B Chiro (Hons), Yoga Therapist

Monica is a low-force, rehabilitative Chiropractor using gentle adjusting and balancing techniques (NKT & TRT), cranial-sacral balancing (SOT), emotional stress release (NET) and applied kinesiology (AK). She prescribes rehabilitative exercises as well as yoga therapy techniques to help you heal yourself. Yoga Therapy uses asana, breathwork, mantra and the power of conscious intention as tools towards healing.

Monica combines an array of skills to help you balance your body, restore integrity, develop your breath, calm your mind and enlighten your spirit.

Monica is available for Chiropractic care, Yoga Therapy and private Yoga tuition.


I’d been having an issue with my back and ribs for over two and half years. I had tried different types of hands on treatment but nothing had fully resolved it. I was impressed at how quickly Monica could see my postural imbalances. Her depth of understanding the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is clear.

Monica showed me some exercises I could use to help retrain my body into better alignment and healthier movement patterns which in turn would relieve the pain. The exercises are incredibly refined and after doing them for a couple weeks I’m starting to feel better. After a long time feeling helpless through lack of understanding it has been a huge relief to have some tools that I can use to heal myself!  Thank you!

Amy, New Zealand

By appointment only

In Crabbes Creek or online.

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Our workshops and events are held world wide. They include modules of our teacher training which are open to any students wishing to learn more and deepen their understanding on a particular subject. All levels are welcome.


… I don’t know how to express my gratitude for your actions in correctly diagnosing the injury, recommending Rayan, and modifying my practice to remedy the problem. I can do yoga again. It really was the only thing I wanted. So thank you, deeply and profoundly thank you.

– Russell. Perth, Australia


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