On-Demand Caring for Your Sacroiliac Joints – With Monica Gauci

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Course Details

On-Demand Online Course

Open to all levels


You will need:
A soft ~9cm diameter ball
Two yoga blocks
A yoga belt

Total Hours
5 hours over 4 lessons
Each lesson 60 – 75 minutes

Course Overview

In this workshop we go beyond the basic structure and function of our sacroiliac (SI) joints to a deeper exploration of the ligaments and muscles that provide their important passive and active stabilisation.

We examine the types of SI joint dysfunction and what compromises SI joint integrity. You will learn how to practically assess SI joint problems and differentiate them from other sources of low-back and pelvic pain. We explore and practice important adaptations to seemingly benign yoga postures and hands on adjustments to protect and preserve SI joint stability. We also cover specific therapy for SI joint pain as well as practical tips on how to avoid injury.

The anatomical images and functional knowledge provide a deep understanding of the biomechanics of these joints. The strong practical component will show you how to care for these important joints both on and off your yoga mat.

A digital copy of the PowerPoint slides will be provided.

NOTE: This Workshop can be done as a stand-alone event and is also one of the therapy focused topics of our 300-hour Online Teacher Training.
During the LIVE version questions can be asked. The recorded version will be available after the LIVE/webinar is completed.

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O M G What a fabulous workshop, so chock full of information, I love it! I’ll definitely watch it a couple more times. I’ve been doing a lot of things correctly in yoga and some things incorrectly and I have, more than once, been injured by heavy handed adjusters. Your energy is super sweet and loving and your knowledge is sheer brilliance! Thank you again for all of the invaluable information!

Janet, USA


Love diving so deep into the anatomy with your classes, it’s so much fun to explore how our bodies work and a great addition to my medical studies 🙂 I love how much wisdom and love you put into the teaching! I can really feel how my relationship to my practice deepens and I am so grateful for that. So thank you for your amazing work, Monica!🧡 

Nele, Germany

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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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