On-Demand HEALING ADJUSTMENTS LEVEL 1 – With Dr. Monica Gauci

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Course Details

On-Demand Online Course


Total Hours
~12 hours
includes Healing Adjustmets Theory

Course Overview

As Yoga Teachers we still have the privilege to place our hands on students. Some say that ‘adjustments’ should be left to chiropractors. As a chiropractor I know and value the profound power of touch that we all have access to. I am passionate to teach yoga teachers how to adjust in a way that educates, transforms and heals.

There are many different ways to adjust a yoga posture. There are few ways to adjust that are safe, respectful, effective and anatomically sound.

  • Learn what makes an adjustment safe and sound and the ingredients that make up a quality adjustment.
  • Appreciate the differences that effect student’s abilities and limitations and learn how to respectfully accommodate these.
  • Understand the differences between visual, auditory and kinesthetic (touch) cues as a form of somatic communication.
  • Know when it is appropriate to use verbal instruction, the guidance of light touch, hands-on corrections or body-weight adjustments.
  • Learn adjustment principles that can be applied to a variety of postures, whether primary or advanced, from the same āsana groups, eg: back bends, forward bends, twists, etc.
  • Discover which postures are unsafe to adjust and understand why.
  • Learn variations of adjustments to accommodate different body proportions and student abilities.
  • Practice the art and science of adjusting on fellow yogis.
  • Feel confident to guide, assist and enhance your student’s practice with beneficial, quality, safe and effective corrections!

Touch is the only sense we cannot live without! Touch communicates, educates and heals. Learn to use this vital tool with confidence.

Monica draws on adjusting principles from her professional education as a Chiropractor coupled with 40+ years of personal yoga practice. She draws on adjusting principles from her professional education as a Chiropractor. This combination gives Monica’s adjustments the wisdom needed to maintain physical integrity whilst developing a relationship of trust. Her adjustments are very effective whilst being anatomically safe and sound. Her insights as a therapist make this workshop powerfully relevant.


“I described Monica’s adjustments as: She comes along and pours love into you” 😊 Ananada, London UK.

Technology Notes
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  • If the video does not start, try refreshing your browser.
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Monica is a life-long yogi. She has over 40 years experience of yoga study and practice!



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